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Rift 3.2: Echoes of Madness Patch Notes, 15 April 2015

  • Return to Hammerknell
  • Instant Adventure Improvements
  • Wardrobe Update
  • Expanded Fishing Derbies
  • New Twisted Artifacts
  • New Tier of Nightmare Rifts
  • Nightmare Tide Onslaughts
  • Chat: Zone events from all shards will now be broadcast to your home Events channel. DO ALL THE EVENTS!
  • Chat: New emote tokens have been added for use with existing ones. Get ready for a grammar lesson!
    • - %t: Your target's name
    • - %o: Your target's objective noun
    • - %s: Your target's subjective noun
    • - %p: Your target's possessive noun
    • - %po: Your character's objective noun
    • - %ps: Your character's subjective noun
    • - %pp: Your character's possessive noun
  • Our published item database now includes Russian item names.
  • New characters will now have a default bind point to their home-city once Soul Recall is learned.
  • We've introduced compatibility with the Windows 10 Technical Preview! Note that this code is experimental please try it and let us know what happens! If the game crashes on start-up, please report it!
  • Optimized guild management, resulting in less memory usages and faster boot times for servers.
  • You can now rename your wardrobe sets from the character sheet, wardrobe tab.
  • The dye merchants have left to seek other opportunities in Telara. We wish them well in their future endeavors
  • The list of mounts in the character sheet are now sorted by mount speed.
  • Clicking crafting skill buttons in the ability binder now brings up the crafting window.
  • The Settings option to reset your bag positions will now reset your regular bags and bank bags regardless of if you have them open or not.
  • The non-functional right-click menu option, "Reset Chat Windows", has been removed.
  • There is a new toggle in the basic video settings window that allows you to lock your client window frame, so you don't accidentally resize your window while playing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the dimension item drop down list to be unclickable when it extended beyond the edge of the UI.
Source and full patch notes.
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