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Exclamation Quest Guide Addon

I posted this on the Official Forums but no one seems to be interested.

I would like to make a request for a Questing Guide addon. I do not know how to make/code/program addons so I do not know what all information the Rift API has or contains. I know the Quest Journal does not have a section for completed quests but if I am not mistaken doesn't the Rift API contain all the info on the quests? For instance, quest level, info, NPC, rewards, location, etc.. I would like to be able to have a Questing Guide similar to Dugi Guides for World of Warcraft. I know Rift is not able to have such in-depth addons as WOW but I think it does contain enough info to be able to do something similar. It may not be as powerful as Dugi is for WOW but I think something could be made that would be very useful. This way when entering into a zone we would know were to go to start the quests for that zone, etc.. As I mentioned it does not have to be as powerful as Dugi is for WOW but being able to tell you to go here and start with this NPC, etc. would be great. Also it would be great to have the addon also contain info on all the dailies that need to be done(crafting/adventuring) for the different types of currencies so that way we would know what do to and when to do them to get the currencies to start to get armor, etc.. Also have the named, their location, spawn times, etc.. Also would it possible to include in this or have a separate addon like Pawn for WOW, to be able to tell us what armor pieces are an upgrade or not? Some of this info is included already in the game with the little upgrade arrows.

I would like to pledge $100 towards this project. People that know how to use the Rift API, know how to program and code addons, I think when several of you guys put your heads together I think something great could be made. I would also think a Dev or two from Rift would even help if they saw some serious work was going into doing a project like this> Heck they may even change a few things to help with this.

I pledge $100 now and I could do another $50 in about another month or so. So total $150.
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