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violetrayne 03-23-13 11:20 AM

Newbie to the rift needs help
Hello to all,

I am new to playing The Rift: Storm Legion, but I am in dire need of some help. I am a mage level 15, in the Freemarsh and I have accepted the quest A strange ship on the horizon. However, I cannot get on the boat to speak with Queen Miela. There is a water baracade that is blocking me from getting close to the envedor. This baracade is around the entire ship.
What am I missing?

SinRopa 03-23-13 12:50 PM

you enter the ship from the rear, there are ramps you can climb tho they may not appear that way. If you cannot get close to the ship post a screenshot.

violetrayne 03-23-13 04:02 PM

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This is as close as I can get to the rear of the boat.

Also there is a message that keeps popping up about queued quests. How do I unque them? Thanks

SinRopa 03-24-13 03:28 PM

What is the status of your account? I have not tried that on a toon less than level 40. Would be odd for them to give you a quest you cannot do.

The invisible walls were there early on to keep lowbies from swimming into hostile lands.

If you are on a demo account you may be blocked from SL content. I was able to do this on a "returning" vanilla account prior to adding my SL key, so...

If it helps... the quest is one of the worst ive ever seen, might just skip it :P

violetrayne 03-25-13 06:31 AM

Thanks for info SinRopa . No not on a demo account I bought the game and I had a feeling that I might need to level up more. Now that you have said it there were other areas where I could not enter until I leveled up. Guess this might have to wait:D

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