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ninioautista 06-15-11 05:49 PM

Hey I just wanted to ask.
What environment are you using guys?
What tools?

I'm an intellisense addict myself, so, is there anything we can use that will already have reference to the internal apis from RIFT? So we can "explore" all it has really easily instead of reading :p?


phoenik 06-15-11 07:26 PM



Dolby 06-15-11 08:24 PM

You can find a few popular editors listed here: http://wiki.riftui.com/Author_resources#Text_Editors other authors feel free to add your favorite if its not on that list.

I use Editplus3 on win7, Smultron on mac, Nano on *nix

Kreiri 06-15-11 09:27 PM

I use PSPad.

Hegarol 06-16-11 03:02 AM

Texteditor: Notepad++(Windows), TextWrangler (Mac)

SVN: Tortoise (Windows), Versions (Mac)

SAI Peregrinus 06-16-11 12:09 PM

EMACS with lua-mode. Git for (local) versioning. Why use anything else?

Nut 06-21-11 03:43 PM

Notepad++ is unbeatable in many areas. You can customize colors, texts, layouts, etc to whatever you want. It's FREE, and works like a paid editor.

TMc51 06-21-11 06:46 PM

I'm another Notepad++ user. It has most of the most useful features that a lot of the commercial editors have without the bloat.

astrocanis 06-23-11 09:59 PM


Unix...what can I say? Muscle-memory-uber-alles.

Sunspots 07-02-11 08:12 AM

GVIM here as well

Aastarius 07-04-11 07:37 AM

GVIM, textpad, Notepad++ i.e. depends on what's installed on the machine I'm using. Personal favourite is GVIM though that's likely because I started in vi and now prefer the "2 modes" type editing.

OKeez 10-25-11 03:32 PM

Eclipse with Lua editor addon. Has version control integrated for SVN, VCS, Mercurial, etc. Also, you get ANT build scripting for zipping up addons, copy to rift addon folder, etc. There's no IntelliSense for the Rift API yet and I don't expect one will be done before the full API is available...but it can be done.

Warning: Eclipse is a big install and probably overkill if you don't code in other languages...I do all my projects in Eclipse (Java, JS, C#, AS3, PHP,...)

Grabnor 10-25-11 06:03 PM

I use Notepad++, with pseudo-intellisense.

Shameless plug:

Rift Lua autocomplete for Notepad++

Sunspots 10-26-11 11:06 AM

I've actually gone over to IDEA with Lua plugin, with Rift API support...
Not sure if the Notepad++ handles functions with colons in a good manner (I don't want, for example, SetVisible() to come up all the time, unless it's after a colon (and even more preferably if it could learn that a variable contains a UI element, and even better if it knew what type))

doxxx 11-14-11 03:27 PM

IDEA with Lua plugin. I use it all the time for Java stuff, so I'm used to it.

BuGi 11-30-11 01:45 PM

Notepad++ with rift autocomplete :)

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