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Kiserai 05-02-15 01:07 PM

RIFT Add-ons won't Install
Hello, so I've been trying to intall some add-ons but haven't been able to. I've read a few different forums where people seem to have the same difficulties; however where my problem seems to deviate from the norm is my game file and add-on file are on two different drives. My game is installed in D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\RIFT where as my add-om folder is found in C:\Users\Username\Documents\RIFT\Interface\Addons. I've tried deleting the docs folder and placing it on the other drive with my game directory but when I go in game and click the folder button for add-ons it just recreates the file on my other drive in the documents folder. I also tried using Curse but the damn thing can't even find the game--which I found strange as it was able to find Skyrim and Secret world.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me what the hell I'm doing wrong!

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