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Gripin UI
Version: 1.0.0
by: gripin [More]
Hey everyone! Im going to share my addon&ui layout to give you a better space usage and more efficient, clarity of controls. It will work with 1920x1080p screen resolution, you have to adjust a bit if you have a different screen resolution.

AddOns Included (All credit goes to authors.)

-Gadgets: Buffs
-Gadgets: Currency Bar
-Karuul's Alerting System
-King Boss mods (KBM)
-King Boss mods: AddWatch
-Rift Meter


1-Download Gripin_UI
2-Copy the file "Gripin_UI.dat" into your Rift installation folder. ( Default: C://ProgramFiles/Riftgame )
3-Copy addons from "Addons" folder to your Rift addons directory. ( Default: C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\RIFT\Interface\AddOns )
4-Copy the ''Saved'' folder into your Rift interface directory. ( Default: C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\RIFT\Interface)
5-Enter in ''Saved'' folder that you just copied into your interface folder.
6-Change folder ''[email protected]'' 's name into your account name which is you're logging with into game. for Ex. ''[email protected]''
7-Enter in that folder you've just changed its name.
8-Change folder ''[email protected]'' 's name into your shard name. for Ex. ''Typhiria''
9-Enter in that folder you've just changed its name.
10-Change folder ''[email protected]'' 's name into your nickname. for Ex. ''Gripin''
11-Start Rift.
12-Login with your character.
13-Type into the chat: /importui Gripin_UI.dat
14-Right click on Gadgets icon and press Import Layout. Choose gripin_addons_ui.


You can copy and import my keybindings if you want. Type into the chat: /importkeybindings Gripin_KeyBindings.dat

Enjoy your whole new layout and please give your thoughts about the whole updated design!
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It looks good. How did you manage to get the semi-transparent background behind your role from Roles addon, to disappear? I never could, it bugged me.
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