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Flat's UI
Version: 1.0
by: Flatliner [More]
Small update or rather note for some my global ui setting is at 70. So go settings > Interface > Display and chg your setting to 70, and adjust the addons so there on your screen then go back to your normal scale.

So here it is finally after many askign for my ui thru my stream i finally got around to throwing it up for you guys enjoy

Addons Included:
Carnage Book
Gadgets Advanced Raid Frames
Gadgets: Buffs
Gadgets: Currency
Gadgets: Range helper
Gadgets: Speedometer
Karuul's Alerting System
Noshei's Gadgets
Rift Meter
Safe Raid Manager

Set-up Instructions. Be sure and follow step-by-step

1. Navigate to your Interface Folder. In Vista, default location is C:\Users\<YourAccountName>\Documents\RIFT\

2. Rename your Interface folder to Interface_BU. This is to get your old UI back if you want to later.

3. Place the Interface folder you downloaded in this same location.

4. Open the Interface Folder

5. Open the Saved Folder

6. Rename the folder to your account name(your e-mail address), then open this folder

7. Copy and Rename the Folder to your Server Name. Repeat if you play on multiple servers. Open this Folder.

8. Copy the folder and Rename it for each of your chars.

9. Navigate to your Rift Install Directory(In Vista Default is C:\Program Files (x86)\RIFT Game) and place the Flat's file there.

10. Log into the game and type "/importui Flat's"

At this point you are basically set but will need to configure nkRebuff and nkWardrobe if you choose to use them.


To Revert back to your Original UI simply navigate to where the Interface file is stored, delete it and rename the Interface_BU file to just Interface. This should set you back to whatever you had before trying out my UI.

Will try to remember to grab some screenies in combat, or if you want to see it in action check out my stream at

I used Lath's template for this as i liked the look and explained everything well to chg your ui
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Re Flat's UI bags

I figured it out the bags bar element was hiding underneath a gadgets element, I couldnt interact with it while it was under it, I couldnt see where the gadgets were until hitting the gadgets button, pulling the bag bar from underneath the gadget and moving it to the left side of the screen fixed the problem
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Flat's Ui

Love your UI, thanks for sharing it, I got a question prob something simple im overlooking but i wanted to change out one of my inventory bags for a bigger one, so I unhid the bag bar but im still unable to use it at all, its unresponsive to clicks, any ideas what im doing wrong? thanks anyone for advice
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Great UI

Awesome UI. Expect some stuff seems to overlap for example the Warfront Nodes are being covered by the dmg meters as well as buffs from targets. I was able to just move them.

My question is you stated that the ui is at 70 and to simply move everything then change the ui to what you like. This does not work without major layout changing to keep everything in proportion. Main reason I am trying to get the UI larger is I can't read any of the quest objectives on my screen. Is there a simple solution to this?
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