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by: adelea [More]
PopupItems - Pops up a configurable menu of items.

** NOTE: IT REQUIRES A MACRO TO FUNCTION [at least until the API supports keybindings]
** Create a macro with the text: pi toggle
** Place the macro on a hotkey bar (preferably with a keybinding). The hotkey bar
** doesnt have to be active/visible - so you can make on active temporarily, place the
** macro on it, set a keybinding, then set the hotbar to inactive again so its hidden.
** NOTE ii: Due to a bug in the Rift client, you will not be able to click on any
** item, unless you have during this session, opened the bag that would contain the
** item - either your normal inventory bags, or the quest log bag.
** So, it is advisable to open your bags and the quest log soon after loggin in.

The controlling macro will toggle display of the PopupItems selection. The selection
will appear centered (as best as possible) on your mouse cursor - making it quick and
easy to find the item you want.

The selection appears as a 3x3 grid of buttons. The center button functions as a 'back'
button, taking you to a previous menu. You can also right-click on the center button,
and it will open the configuration screen, allowing you to edit/create new pages, new
item sets etc.

The 8 useful buttons will either :

- Have a black background with nothing in it (nothing is configured for this slot)

- Have a black background with an icon on it. This is clickable, and will click on the
selected item to activate it.
+ If the item is stackable, then the number of them you have in your bags is shown on the top left.
+ If the item is in a cooldown state, then the current cooldown remaining time is shown in the center.

- Have a blue background, and some text (or a red forward/back arrow). This indicates the button takes
you to another menu selection (or the next or previous selection in the case of the arrows)

- Have an orange background with an icon. This means that an item is configured for this slot,
but you have none of them in your bags.

- Have a red background with some text. This means that something is wrong - the button is configured to
use something that doesnt exist - either a menu or an itemset, or the thing it points to has no content.


The configuration screen lets you (hopefully in a self-explanatory manner!) :

- Create new/Edit/Delete pages
- Create new/Edit/Delete itemsets

There are two exceptions - you cannot delete the 'DEFAULT' page, and you cannot delete the 'QUEST' itemset.

The DEFAULT page is what is opened when you first display something - after that it opens on the page you
were last on.

The QUEST itemset is special. It is intended to contain a list of items used commonly in repeatable quests,
things like the Qaijiri Fertilizer, Qaijiri Thirst Salve and Snake-Sack for the Ashora dailies.

The quest itemset links the items to the zone you are in when you add new items to the set, and then when
you open the 'Quest' page, it will put all the ones that you have in your bags to the front of page 1.

Item-sets are sets of items, where one item from the set is selected to represent the whole set. For
example, the Mana Potions set contains:

Stellar Mana Potion
Excellent Mana Potion
Mighty Mana Potion
etc., all the way down

If you have any Stellar potions in your bags, then that is what the button will show, if you dont have any
Stellar, but do have Mighty, then that is what is shown. If during the course of play, you gain a better
potion, the button updates. If you run out, and have a lower version available, it switches to that.

Since the order of the items in an item set is important, on the ITEM SETS SETUP section you can move them

The up arrow will move the item up one position.
The down arrow will move the item down one position.
The X icon will delete the item from the set

If the selected item set is particularly long, it can be scrolled by using the mouse wheel over the entry names.


Say, we want to create a page for Strongholds.

Open up PopupItems, and right-click the center icon.

On the right-hand side in the PAGE SETUP section, enter the new page name in the Current: box, so here we enter STRONGHOLD

As you start typing, the box background will go red, to indicate that the current name doesnt not exist.

Click the 'NEW' button to create the page, the box background will go back to being black.

Next,we need to add some items to the page.

So, find in your bags the 'Flare: Empyreal Alliance' item, and drag it over ontop of the green box in the center ITEMS section.

It will update the NAME: field with the item name.

So now, we need to decide which slot on the items we want this item to appear on, so we left-click the desired slot. The clicked on slot will gain a green background.

Now, we can click the topmost 'Add to PAGE' button in the center section. The box on the page will now update to show the icon.

Repeat the above process, adding in any other items we wish: 'Flare: Hailol' and 'Stronghold Summoner' make sense to belong on this page.

Once our items are added, we click the 'APPLY' button at the bottom of the PAGE SETUP section.

NOTE: Page changes need to be applied to take affect, if you load a different page, or create another new one, then your changes will be lost.

Next, we need to add our name page somewhere, so that it can be reached.

In the Current: dropdown box in PAGE SETUP, select the DEFAULT page. The grid will update to show used/free spaces.

Select a free space, so that the border turns green.

Next, in the PAGES dropdown in the middle section, find the STRONGHOLD entry and click it.

Now we can click the 'Add to PAGE' button beneath the dropdown, and it will add the page to the selected slot.

Dont forget to click 'APPLY' to apply the changes.
- Updated library versions - should fix the Item Unavailable conditions
- Fixed error when scrolling items sets w/ exactly 20 items

2.03r2 - Updated itemset handling.
- Assorted bug fixes
- Switch to use LibInventory for inventory handling. Should be a performance gain.

2.03r1 - Updated to include extra bag slots

2.02r2 - Fixed some edge case errors, added support for equipped items to be on pages

2.02r1 - Initial release
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