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MofiX UI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 2.0.0 r03
by: Valixx [More]

Version 2.0.0 r03
Last updated: May 14, 2017

Discord for lightning fast support - Click Here

Download MofixUi from Riftui.com
Extract all files into your Downloads folder or wherever you want.
Open the file named "ReadMe" and follow the instructions.
Start Rift.
Make sure the required AddOns are loaded/ticked.
Login with your character.
Type into the chat: /importui Mofix_EN
Check if the UI-Scale is at 80. It should've worked after you did the step above.
Done. Check the screenshots and compare your setup to mine.

MofixUI Commands:

/importui Mofix_EN

AddOn Commands:

/align 64 ( to open the grid )
/align ( to close the grid )

You can contact me using the social icons above or by visiting my forum. The support there will be a lot faster! www.forum.valixx-online.de. Don't mind the domain, everything is in English.
Changlog Version 2.0 r03

Updated the environment from 3.1 to 3.7
Updated Gadgets to the latest version.

Removed RGM. It is outdated.
Removed EasyMail. It is outdated.

Added Imhobags as a new optional addon.
Added Notepad Reloaded as a new optional addon.

More information on these addons are on RiftUI.com or Curse.com.

Changlog Version 2.0 r02

Updated the environment from 3.0 to 3.1
Updated Gadgets to the latest version.

PS: I'm still watching for comments and/or requests.

Changlog Version 2.0 r01

The Main-Focus of this UI is the minimalistic aspect. The most things are centered in the middle of the screen where the action goes on.
RGM is on the right side of the screen; you don't look there every second to see what's going on. That should be the middle.
Your buffs on the top right side near the minimap are also out of the way. However, there is a buff-gadget on top of the player unit frame.
These buffs only show up under 60 seconds. These buffs are very usefull because mostly these are your spell or trinket proccs. With them being over
your unit frame, it's nearly impossible not to see them and you can react whenever you need to.

Unit, Group and Raid Frames

Disabled default Rift Player Frames
Disabled default Rift Target of Target Frame
Disabled default Rift Group Frames
Disabled default Rift Raid Frames
Disabled default Rift Castbars
Disabled default Rift Focus Frame

Added Player Frame through Gadgets
Added Target Frame through Gadgets
Added Target of Target Frame through Gadgets
Added Raid Frames through Gadgets
Added Focus Frame through Gadgets
Added Player Castbar through Gadgets
Added Target Castbar through Gadgets

Initially I was coding only one unit frame style but then I was creating a second one to take a look which I liked more.
I couldn't decide which one I should keep, so now there are two styles you can choose from.

Interface settings

Changed global-ui-scale to 80, up from 73. For some users the font size was hard to read.
Changed how the Nameplates behave. Hopefully Rift is exporting those options into the Export-File.


Added mouse-over to the menu bar and bags. ( Automatically shows if your mouse hovers the bar or bags)
Moved the "Loot Chat" window from the right to the left. There are now 3 chat tabs ( General, Loot & Combat).
Disabled the default Rift Buffs. Didn't like them, kinda ugly.. I've added them back again with Gadgets_Buffs. More functionality.
Moved the "Tooltip"-Anchor to the right of the actionbars. ( See Screenshot )
Added Debuffs above the Target Frame.
Added Short Buffs ( Less than 60 seconds remaining ) above the Player Frame. Best used for Trinket proccs or spell proccs and so on.


Added Data Text Bar with following information: FPS, CPU, Planar Shards, Soul Vitality, and Money.


Remember: If you don't like a certain addon you can simply disable it. Keep in mind, that there are some required addons.
You'll get a warning/notification in the AddOn screen in the Rift menu. So it's easy to see/fix it on your end.

[Required] Gadgets
[Required] Gadgets_Buffs
[Required] Gadgets_MofixUI ( Obviously )
[Required] Gadgets_SCT

[Optional] Gadgets_Images ( Will remain optional until the Author updates it and makes it useful again. )
[Optional] RGM. ( http://riftui.com/downloads/info448-RGM-Alpha.html )
[Optional] Align ( http://www.riftui.com/downloads/info39-Align.html )
[Optional] AutoFactionbar ( http://www.riftui.com/downloads/info366 ... onBar.html )
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Thanks for the layout, I'd do my own, but I just can't ever seem to get things even.
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Okay guys, take it easy. He uploaded exactly what this download category is for. It's a layout. We not only allow, but actively encourage, people to share their custom layouts here as well. It's all good.
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